“There are no words to the song of the ocean, but the message is and always has been simple: not to forget where we came from. The melody is locked in the water that composes much of what we are. Most humans tend to ignore the song, but not all. You are one of the lucky ones who hold the melody in your heart. But be warned: it is a wandering song carried by the winds and the currents. It can turn you into a piece of driftwood that washes up on shore after shore, but one day, when you find the place that is meant to be, you will take root. Send me a postcard when you get there.” – Jimmy Buffett

The site has directed me to start this thing with a quote, something I figured would set the tone for the reason this blog was created. Most who know me understand that at any given point in time, anything can come out of my mouth. One thing is for certain, whatever it is, there is no question as to the tone. I chose the quote for two reasons, 1) Jimmy Buffett has been my favorite songwriter since I could remember. His life story is one many of us could only wish for, myself included. 2) The quote explains life. Most of us try too hard to force situations and lifestyles that simply aren’t meant to be, and in most cases find ourselves unhappy or the situation backfires altogether. The journey of life is not one that I believe is predetermined, but I believe we all wind up where we are supposed to in the end. I just keep my fingers crossed that at the end of my road is a sandy beach, and countless days where my biggest decision will be whether or not to wear flip flops.


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